Prof. Lee said, "Compared to tobacco-related policies, I am saddened by the current state of drinking policies. Acetonaldehyde, which is produced during the decomposition of alcohol, is a WHO Class 1 carcinogen, but social efforts and national policies against alcohol-related harms are weak, with little change in the past five years."

"Korea is the only OECD country where alcohol is the number one cause of disease and almost the only country where idols advertise alcohol, and even cancer survivors show a lack of awareness of risk in continuing 'problem drinking' without behavioral change before and after cancer diagnosis," said Dr. Lee.

"Other countries, such as the United States, France, and the United Kingdom, have banned celebrity alcohol advertisements, restricted access to alcohol, including where, when, and how much it is sold, and have minimum qualification systems that charge a price per unit of alcohol content. However, Korea invests only in ineffective policies that do not cost money, with the national budget for alcohol policy being only 1.5 billion won as of 2018."

"The 40 percent recidivism rate for drunk driving shows the problem with the current policy, and the media and social leaders should stop misleading people about drinking, such as advertising soju after 10 p.m.," said Professor Lee.

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1. Everyone, please be healthy

2. It's obviously strange that in our country, you cannot have any human relationships or any social interaction without alcohol. We are indeed more severe in this aspect compared to other countries

3. I feel like our country encourages alcoholism

4. That's why I disliked dramas like 'Work Later, Drink Now' and drinking variety shows... Why are they turning making cocktails and alcoholic drinks so cool and hip? I feel like the TV also encourages DUI.. While watching the TV, it also makes me want to have a bottle of beer. I think that some restrictions would bring some good

5. When my bias was on a drink CF, I was side-eyeing them and hated it so much, for real

6. Honestly, they make idols drink alcohol so deliciously and naturally. Also, why would they ask celebrities about their alcohol tolerance so easily?

7. I hate people bragging about drinking ㅡㅡ I also hate people bragging about how spicy they can eat. I hope that we can become a healthy society that drinks a bit less..

8. Seriously, our country is way too tolerant about alcohol. I also hate how our country treat non-drinkers as some weirdos

9. Foreign countries really view alcoholism as some severe flaw...

10. F*cking well said

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