When Dispatch straight-up asked Kyoungyoon which particular church he and his family were affiliated with, Kyoungyoon confirmed it was JMS’s Providence Church.

"Yes. The Providence Church… That one.

I was a part of the church ever since I was in my mother’s womb. As a child, I went holding my mother’s hand.

I’m glad to know what the truth is, though it’s late. But I’m worried about my parents—my mother especially. She has been a follower of the church for over 20 years. I hope she will be able to overcome it."

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1. I feel bad for him, I'll support him 

2. Aigo... I feel so bad for him 

3. Find strength~!! It's a hard process to leave a church ㅠ I'll support you! 

4. But even if people are telling him to leave the church and he ends up leaving the churches, he'll experience so much hardships that it'll be easier for him to just enter a new cult... People should cut down on the excessive hate and help him out a bit no?

5. I really feel like he indeed left that chuch but it won't be easy for his mom. I feel like she'll never watch the documentary and just avoid it 

6. People should stop bullying him into leaving the church, just support him. I feel so sorry for him ㅠ No matter how you look at it, he's a victim 

7. You guys should be swearing at the cult who is the real criminal here. Please don't swear at the overall Catholic church 

8. I'll support him 

9. If his parents consider their son that important, why do they refuse to watch the documentary? I don't think they're thinking about leaving the church then?

10. I just feel bad for him 

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