President Macron refuses to meet with unions, workers oppose pension reform

As a result, the cleaning workers went on strike.

There's a temporary suspension of three garbage incinerators in Paris

Currently, 10,000 tonnes of garbage are left on the streets of Paris.

Residents are supporting them.

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1. This is what's good about France
Meanwhile, that bast*rd in Korea, the majority of people below chaebols are all swearing at unions ㅋㅋ

2. If this was in our country, people would be swearing at unions and just shooting videos of them next to the garbages so they can appear on the news

3. Their citizenship is cool... Our country could never

4. How do they know the citizens are in support of this?

5. This is right, union demonstration and rallies are part of freedom, supporting this means true democracy 

6. This is what it take sto change. But if Korea did it, it would've turned into a battlefield and they would've freaking bullsh*tted 

7. This shows their level of citizenship 

8. I envy them, I wish our citizens could support things like that 

9. So cool, if this was in our country, people would've sworn at them for being burdens and the citizens will be the ones getting hate at the end 

10. I've barely skimmed on Twitter and their civil war is huge

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