There are 3 trainees who turned me off 

Sung Hanbin, he's in such an important position but he didn't even shave his mustache and is just standing there with his bluish philtrum, what is he doing?
He's letting himself loose when he's #1 and he even gained weight; 

Kim Taerae, the moment he saw his ranking was #11, he pouted his mouth 
Shouldn't he still be grateful for the Star Creators who voted for him even though he didn't end up in the top9?

Park Gunwook: I feel like at most, the number of people who will survive within the "Burn It Up" team, 

Park Gunwook: will probably be 2 people from both teams

Park Gunwook: I shouldn't be saying that 

Park Gunwook is acting so unreliable on broadcast and he's honestly so so 
He already has personality controversies and shouldn't people get cut once they get into controversies?
He's always being so unprofessional, I'm at loss of words 
He acted kinda oba when he got too greedy to win in Kill This Love and now it just looks like that's his usual personality 

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1. [+434, -10]
It's not that he doesn't shave, it's more like he's been standing there for such a long time ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+394, -9]
Sung Hanbin's one feels forced;;; 

3. [+363, -4]
No butㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ that mustache is such a forced hate and it's funny, I was watching the broadcast and it took them so freaking long that even I got tired. It makes you wonder for how long they film for 

4. [+243, -11]
What about Han Yujin saying "It was me?" when the 4th place for revealed?? He's way too over confident 

5. [+151, -53]
Aside from Park Gunwook, they're all considered forced hate in my opinion

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