They're all designed to prevent homeless people to lay down on them

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1. This is kinda sad... 

2. Ah...ㅠ

3. I know this was necessary but whenever I look at things like that, I always think that fundamentals behind any deissng should be trying to make everyone's lives prettier and more comfortable. But when you have a design that benefits some and impedes others.... It just makes me realize that convenience only flows from a select group of monopolists

4. But those benches are not meant for homeless people to spleep on in the first place. There are so many homeless people oversees and I've seen a lot of them just lay down on benches like that, benches are not done for them to comfortably lie down like that, it's mean for societal use 

5. I feel like some of them can still be used to lie down on though 

6. But if the homeless people have liedd down on the benches, nobody would want to sit on them, this seems like a different type of issues 

7. If homeless people start lying down on them, it'll make the atmosphere of the neighborhood bad, so nobody would want to visit that neighborhood anymore, this is just out of convenience 

8. A bench isn't meant to be a bed for homeless people. There wouldn't be any reason to make "benches" then 

9. So this is why that person did this performance to resist these kinds of designsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. Ah I was always wondering why they'd put the arm rests like that now I know why.. 

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