The title of the album was Down to Earth!
But we still don't know what the title track is calledㅠ

The concept photos are so pretty

Down to Earth means coming down to earth and the concept is about the sun god coming down to earth (T/N: Taeyang = sun)

And Blackpink Lisa will be featuring and participating in his MV!!
I'm seriously looking forward to his dance song... please give us a dance song
"Blackpink Lisa, to participate in Taeyang's new album... expecting a historical collab"

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His a capella live singing is f*cking daebakㅜㅜ This is real confidence

2. [+24, 0]
Youngbae-yah, please give us a 'Where You At' concept. Please please please please please, give us an intense performance

3. [+23, -1]
Taeyang's scene in Still Live and the teaser of his new song seem to have Icarus' wings in them. The title is Down To Earth tooㅜ Seriously, just Daesungie said, it seems like everything starts from Taeyang?????

4. [+20, 0]
Young-flower, that's me 

5. [+15, 0]
Taeyang's more intense songs are good too but he also suits ballads too.. He's just good at everythingㅋㅋㅋㅋ From singing to dancing, what can he not do?

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