To my loyal fans. First, I'm sorry. I've heard that you've been hurt by the flood of articles that have come out about the in-laws issue. One fan told me that's why she stopped me from getting married.

Again, I bow my head and apologize. Even my close acquaintances recommended a breakup, saying "think of your image." It was frustrating. My wife didn't choose her parents... so how could I tell her to break up with them over their issues?

I made a promise to my wife, Ms. Lee Da-in, both before and after we got married. "We will take care of those who need help and look after those who are more sick. We will keep this promise regardless of the 'badmouthing'".

Finally, many people came to our wedding to congratulate us. We are truly grateful for that. As we thought about how to return the favor, we decided that it would be more meaningful to donate the money to children in difficult circumstances.

Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in would like to use the entire amount of the congratulatory donation to fund support for children in vulnerable situations.

I've been an entertainer for 20 years, and I've never spoken with such emotion before. Of course, there will be some people 'nitpicking' this post, and I'm sure this will be the trigger for another round of malicious articles.

But I dared to do it anyway because...

From the time of our engagement to the wedding, and even now, five days after we got married, it's been hard to deal with the degrading and mocking news. In addition, I was intimidated by malicious comments that gave strength to fake news.

I'm not going to ask you to bless "Lee Seung-gi's marriage", but please keep on watching the turn of events. I will share my life with Ms. Lee, and that's the best I can do.

<I am additing the edited article from the media>

On February 15, 2023, this magazine (TenAsia) reported under the headline "Lee Seung-gi 'Victims' Not Mentioned...New Groom Only Stressed 'Responsibility for Family'" that (1) Financial criminals Lee Hong Hun and Kyeon Miri became Lee Seung-gi's father-in-law and mother-in-law; (2) Kyeon Miri's stock price manipulation resulted in over 300,000 victims, some of whom had to make extreme choices; and (3) Kyeon Miri and her new husband, Lee Hong Hun, were responsible for all of this.

However, after checking the facts, it was recognized by the court that (1) Lee Hong Hun was not guilty of anything related to the 2016 stock manipulation case, but rather a victim who was falsely accused due to the prejudice of the investigative agencies; (2) Kyeon Miri was never charged in the 2016 stock manipulation case in the first place, and there is nothing in the 2016 stock manipulation case's verdict to suggest that Kyeon Miri was an accomplice or even involved in the 2016 stock manipulation case; and (3) there were over 300,000 victims of the 2016 stock manipulation case, It is not proven that some of them made extreme choices, but rather that in a lawsuit for damages filed by minority shareholders of Bota Bio against Lee Hong Hun and others, alleging that they suffered losses due to the manipulation of the share price of Bota Bio, the court dismissed all claims against Lee Hong Hun as there was no evidence that Lee Hong Hun engaged in share price manipulation in relation to Bota Bio.

This report was coordinated by the Press Arbitration Committee.

When I donated 5 billion won (pre-tax) in outstanding payments from my former agency in December last year, I received an overwhelming amount of public praise. Many people gave me support and encouragement.

I think I lived in praise for about two months. After I announced my marriage to my wife, Ms. Lee Da-in, the mood changed. But it doesn't matter, donations and goodwill are two different things. I didn't make the donation to gain public support.

I always believe that the public is always right. If the public doesn't like something, there's a reason. But sometimes it's unfair. For example, when the public is misunderstanding.

"They stole $26 billion and created 300,000 victims through stock price manipulation?"

That's just plain misinformation. I don't know where some reporters and YouTubers got their information, but it's completely unfounded.

Ms. Lee's parents filed a complaint with the Press Arbitration Committee against five media outlets (Sports Illustrated, TenAsia, X Sports News, Celebrity Media, and Wikitree) that reported the news.

The reporters were unable to prove anything, and Lieutenant Un (?) asked the outlets to issue a correction, which they did, promising to "get the facts right".

(I will attach the correction below the article).

Today (December 12), Money Today published an article titled <What's so regrettable...Lee Seung-gi's marriage PPL controversy>. On February 7, the same media outlet published an article titled <26 billion won, will Lee Seung-gi be a fraudster's son-in-law?

In the past, the issue of sponsoring weddings has been an issue in the entertainment industry. Nowadays, I know that most people are having their own weddings at their own expense. I, too, wanted to show my gratitude and serve a good meal to my guests without any sponsorship.

Reporter Chae Tae Byung. I wish you had called the company and asked, "Is this story true?" I would have given you a detailed answer.

One of the journalists said something like this.

"Mr. Seung-gi. Do you know why reporters don't call you? Because if the story isn't true, they can't write it. But controversial stories get the most views, so that's why they don't call you to write a story."

Now that I think about it, I suddenly remember an article that said, "Seung-gi has no proper management and can't manage a crisis." Is that why you didn't call me?

Mr. Chae. I have a new company now. I have a manager who has been working with me for 10 years. Please contact me before writing an article in the future.

Speaking of management, I'm reminded of an article TenAsia reported on, "Lee Seung-gi, unmanageable crisis, no time for honeymooners". It was written by reporter Woo Bin, who loves me so much.

At the time, he wrote, "What Lee Seung-gi needs most now is not support but management to advise him." As an example, he cited "Hook," which created an excellent image of "Lee Seon Hee's disciple" and "former student council president," as examples (T/N: Not too sure about the reference and the story that came after).


Reporter Woo Bin. You told the public relations agency that works with me that this is a legitimate criticism, written with love for Seung-gi, and that you are always open to meeting with me.

If <son-in-law is yielding and the mother-in-law is stern>, <Excessive unpaid wedding and premarital pregnancy theories>, and <Lee Seung-gi's image collapsed with marriage> are affectionate criticisms... Then, I must still be lacking a lot.

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