Only Chaegryeong attracts my attention, both have similar dance skills, this is interesting 

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1. [+72, -4]
Chaeryeong definitely puts more strength in the choreography. Chaeyeon's style is way too soft and light, so compared to Chaeryeong, she looks like she's slacking off. If you look at Rozalin's choreography, it looks like Chaeryeong danced the choreography as it was intended

2. [+70, -17]
Because she's prettier.. ㅜ 

3. [+69, -2]
It's about star factor... Chaeryeong is bubbly and energetic and she has more star factor. Lee Chaeyeon looks more like a standard beauty, and looks cleaner

4. [+37, -2]
Even when they're standing still Chaeryeong's gestures are just different, that's why she stands out more. Even her expressions 

5. [+18, -0]
Ah I also watched this video, I also thought I was just looking at Chaeryeong, I don't think she's prettier or she dances better, but her black straight hair and the fact that she's dancing in front were probably the reason... If Chaeyeon was the one with black hair and danced in front, she'd steal the show too. 

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