He said that he was an attention seeker and changed all his story~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

"> He admitted to fabricating rumors related to Zhang Hao
>Admits to fabricating the Zhang Hao's rumors
The exposer posted a photo of him and Zhang Hao at a group gathering in college (including a neighboring school) and used it as evidence for the rumor.

(The exposer himself admitted in a chat that the event was attended by Zhang Hao, his college classmates, two girlfriends and school seniors)

>The exposer reveals on his live stream that he borrowed money from Zhang Hao in college and almost reported to the police for not paying it back. He admitted that he had a grudge against him and wanted to attract the trolls.

>He said on live stream that the rumors about Zhang Hao were false, and admitted that he was being manipulative because he wanted to become more famous. Said that all rumors about Zhang Hao's personal life and s*xual history were false and untrue (see video clip below)"

"> The exploser clarified in his live broadcast that he never had any s*xual contact or relationship with Zhang Hao

Exposer: You Koreans are ridiculous. I don't know when I said anything about prostitution, it's not my fault. It's ridiculous that you guys claim we had oral s*x because I used a mouth emoji. "There was no s*x. Nothing happened." He repeated these several times > Intentionally lying, wanted to attrach trolls, and blaming others.

Exposer's friend who was next to him: Nothing happened, how can everyone interpret it this way?"

"Conclusion: The exposer has only seen him twice, the exposer lent him money, didn't pay it back, and threatened to call the cops on him, so the exposer did this to get back at him (+ he wanted attention).

In early 2021, he heard about the exposer contacting the police and cut contact with him, and they haven't spoken since. (He said they haven't even spoken since then)

He blamed the Korean community for spreading rumors and interpreting the facts weirdly, even though there was no s*xual contact or relationship.

This is what the exposer himself said on DOUYIN Live on the 24th, and he even corrected the rumor by saying the same thing once again on the 25th in a special broadcast."

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1. [+76, -1]
Ah seriously, all the comments who kept saying "isn't Zhang Hao gay?" need to be eradicated. They believed all the rumors based on 1 picture and kept framing him. They need to all die.

2. [+61, -1]
The moment I saw that haters were shutting their eyes and ears even when I was repeatedly commenting that everything were just rumors and even got my comments reported, I knew. Congrats on your first criminal record in your life~

3. [+58, -1]
I hope that everyone who sympathized with the exposer and the exposer himself get sued

4. [+57, -1]
Seriously, Zhang Hao is f*cking pitiful. Anyone could tell that these were just rumors but there were so many posts crossing the line. Seeing those even made me feel bad for him

5. [+53, 0]
How low is your IQ to believe China's S-level trolling?......

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