"I also released related information"
"However, the kids who have mentioned about this incident at that time"
"Whether it's going to norebangs or to drink"
- XXX Kick him
- This doesn't work on people like XXX

On April 26, said former classmate, 'A' released an ambiguous video through famous entertainment YouTuber and journalist Lee Jin Ho. 

In the released video, 'A' (in white) is sparring in the classroom with a male student. The other students who were audiences instructed him to "kick," yet 'A' fell while kicking in the air, causing an eruption of laughter around.

In the YouTube video where the clip was released, Lee Jin Ho also briefly talked about what 'A' had told him. It was said that 'A' was unwilling to be part of this sparring but if he doesn't show any special skills or any actions that would make them laugh, it will never end, which was why he ended up kicking the air and falling on his own. 'A' claims that Joo Hyuk's voice could be heard in the background as part of the students who cornered him to fight and were egging him on.

On the other hand, Lee Jin Ho also notes that this is an ambiguous video as the video was dark and Joo Hyuk's face was not directly captured. In addition to that, Joo Hyuk had previously claimed that he was not at the sparring site.

In addition to that Joo Hyuk's agency had also stated that these claims were "groundless," as the actor took to broadcast interviews with his friends expressing his position that he felt wronged about the alleged school violence.

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1. So the sparring was indeed real 

2. People were not believing this because there was no video and this just added credibility to the victim's claims ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Anyways, the Katalk conversations are already proof enough 

3. WHy are tehre so many shielders of Nam Joohyuk; 

4. I'm seeing his Katalk conversation for the first time, why does he swear so much?

5. So he's currently escaping all this because he's in the army?

6. But the Katalk chats are real 

7. I don't know for other claims, but trusting a teacher shielding him in a school violence case is the most meaningless thing to doㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. Ah what a waste of his face tsk tsk 

9. His timing to go to the army was daebak 

10. But he's not even in the video, so what's the point?

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