"Roha, these are dandelion seeds!!!
Dandelion seeds-yah~ Go with the wind and spread out!"

"To the people I treasure, 
Spring is here
tickling me gently"

This sounds like the last words he wanted to convey to his fans, I feel so sorry... He was telling the story of dandelion seeds, it's so sad

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1. [+191, -0]
If even the fans weren't aware of it, just how much he was keeping it in.. My heart hurts

2. [+185, -0]
Seirously nobody around him seemed to know..

3. [+178, -1]
What should I do if Spring comes and you're not there ㅠㅠ 

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I'm not a fan but he was someone who always looked likable... My heart hurts.. ㅠㅠ If I'm like that, imagine for his fans.. Rest in peace.. 

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Crazy, I'm not even a fan but I'm crying.. Ah seriously 


?? They already knew before the articles were even out?

"My lovely Bin-ah"
"My beautiful 25 years old Bin-ah"

"Just calling our name feels nice Bin-ah"
"Me lovely Bin-ah" 
"Bin-ah I love you too much. I will remember your 25 years, I love you"
"Bin-ah, my lovely Bin-ah"

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1. [+96, -1]
It's like losing your best friend that you've known for so long.. I can't face the reality that I'll never hear this person's voice ever in my life.. I can't bare this 

2. [+91, -0]
They don't declare the deaths as soon as they know until they've been sent to the hospital and declared dead over there, that's why 

3. [+85, -0]
They probably heard about it somewhere else before, even I-roaches learned about it a few hours prior.. 

4. [+54, -0]
Ah seriously the "Close"... This is the saddest fansite closing I've ever experienced.. Ah what to do 

5. [+40, -1]
Wow this is insane.. Seirously they must be having such a hard time.. This fansite must've loved him so much 

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