This is Fantagio. 

We would like to apologize over the sad and heartbreaking news. 

On April 19th, Astro member Moonbin left our side suddenly and became a star in the skies. 

Although we cannot fathom the grief of the bereaved family who lost their beloved son and brother, the Astro members who have been with us for a long time, as well as our Fantagio fellow artists and executives, are deeply mourning the deceased in great sadness and shock.

Our heart hurts even more having to deliver this sudden news to the fans who have been supporting and sending enconditional love to Moonbin. We are even more heartbroken knowing the heart of the deceased who always loved and thought of his fans more than anyone else.

We earnestly ask you to refrain from making speculative and malicious reports so that the bereaved family who are deeply saddened by the sudden sad news can reverently commemorate and mourn the deceased.

According to the will of the bereaved family, the funeral will be held as quietly as possible with family, friends and company colleagues in attendance.

Once again, we send our deep condolences and may he rest in peace.

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1. Rest in peace

2. Reast in peace... I hope his closed ones are taken care of and he can have a good funeral....

3. Rest in peace. I hope his family and colleagues find strength 

4. Moonbin-ah you've worked hard
Thank you and I love you
Please don't be hurt anymore
Rest in peace

5. Rest in peace. Don't be hurt anymore and be happy 

6. Rest in peace

7. Rest in peace. I hope you will stop worrying and hurting wherever you are

8. Rest in peace. My heart is so sorrowful ㅠㅠ

9. Rest in peace

10. Rest in peace, you worked hard

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