- Bin! It's JinJin hyung! A lot of people came. You promised me, right? to live with a smile. Just like you told me, i'm trying to live with a smile like you did. I'm going to start practicing for my musical again and also to eat my meals. I will take care of your mom, dad, and sua so don't worry. I love you so much my little brother. 
 - My little brother, Bin I came too late... I'm sorry. How lonely, tired, and painful it must have been If only I had been closer. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you.

JinJin & MJ

- Oppa it's me, your one & only precious little sister, Sua! I came too! I've cried too much so I'll stop now! i'm gonna smile a lot now. I'm going to be happy while doing the things I want to do. I hope you'll be in peace & happy there,You have to watch over me and see if your little sister is doing well here! I'm gonna to live well and work as hard as you do. don't stop me. Even when it gets hard, I'll often come to whine to oppa so you have to accept it. You've worked hard this whole time ♡ 
I love you so much and i'm oppa's little sister forever. Moon siblings forever.

- To. My forever brother ♡ This is your one & only sister, sua. How's it going there? is it comfortable? I hope it's always warm and peaceful. You look pretty when you smile, so I hope you have a lot of things to smile about. I'll come back again! I love you today, too ♡ Moon siblings forever.


- Moongbingi 🖤 please wait a little bit. i’ll make the whole universe feel like yours ♡ i love you so so much when we meet again please hug me tight


Cr. Astrolualuv

WekiMeki Choi Yoojung

- Hyung. are u doing well? i miss u a lot. I still can see u in front of me. I know if i'm being like this, you'll scold me but please let this slide for now. Like u said, i'll make sure to be happy, i promise. a lot, I love you a lot & i love you

- Bin, it's a night I miss you, you bad guy. i couldn't sleep so i went on a walk and came here together with sanha. are you sleeping well? why do i miss and regret all things i did with you, even small things… be hundreds and hundreds times happier in the moon land. i'll take responsibility for taking care of things you left behind so don't worry. you've worked hard. I love you and i'm sorry, my friend.

Sanha, Eunwoo

- Bin, hi. i got to visit your company, thanks to you. The biggest memory for me is when we talked together until morning. Do you remember! To u who had so many thoughts and worries.. all i could say was there's no idol who does everything like you.. That's all. I'll work harder!! Don't be sick now and smile more. I'm sorry. You did well, my friend. When we meet next time, I'll buy you soju with fish cake soup! Please cheer for your members from afar. And my favorite song is waterfall ♡ let's be happy, my friend.


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1. [+299, -0] 
I'm so worried for Sanha too, I hope he overcomes this ㅠ They've been spending time together almost all day everyday because of their unit, Sanha also met Binie in his 6th grade and have been training with him and promoting with him until now, I hope that Sanha doesn't lament too much.. 

2. [+237, -2]
Sua, his friends, the members, Sanha's mother and Bin's mother all went there. And apparently they were all smiling too. This is such a relief, I hope everyone overcomes this ㅠㅠ But why are the fans unable to move on ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ It's so hard to accept the death of someone you've liked and supported for such a long time with just a few lines in articles without any context all this time. Me too I want to send him off smiling.. Sorry Bin-ah. I still can't wrap my head around the reality, I miss you.. 

3. [+194, -3]
MJ... He keeps saying how he's sorry to hyung.. Just how much torment and agony is he going through, he keeps apologizing for not being able to protect him.. He said he should've been next to him, I can understand him so well, he touched my heart.. 

4. [+166 ,-70]
What Yooseo wrote is true.. He never made it obvious until the end and he's always been smiling for the people around him in case they were going through hardships... This is the type of person he was.. Seriously I don't know what to say, but me too I feel like I can send him off now too.. He suffered so much in his life, I hope he's peaceful wherever he is.. Looks like the skies needed an angel.. 

5. [+!45, -0]
I hope MJ doesn't blame himself.. ㅠ

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