She didn't stand on stage, it seems like she just went there to watch the show, but she released a post introducing herself shortly?
All she said was that she was in charge of the choreography 
For reference, she did Pink Venom, Shutdown and 2 of the members' solos

But this is the state of her comments now: 

In the end, she had to change her caption 

original post: here

1. Are they thugs?

2. Isn't Lisa the most popular overseas? So why are they still acting like that?

3. But in reality Leejung and BlackPink are super close in real life and they respect each other, so what's up with those fans? ㅋ

4. They're popular for doing stuff like that. When a new girl group is about to debut too, they'll start terrorizing in their videos...Meanwhile they always think that Koreans are attacking them 

5. The I-roaches disease is honestly so oversensitive

6. I-roaches are so hopeless

7. Leejung is so likable but since last year, it has been no joke ㅜ Even during MAMA, she got an award and thanked the artists and ever since, they've been bullhs*tting on her. Seriously I don't get why they're f*cking like that?

8. The way they create rumors with anything is freaking severe. It's better to just not get intertwined with them 

9. This is just how severe the disease with international fans is. Meanwhile they f*cking swear at Koreans all the time ㅋㅋㅋ

10. I'm a BP fan and I really hope they kicked out Lisa.. Seriously it's not the first or second time that her fans act ip like that. I'm only holding back because of Lisa, but f*ck this isn't the first time 

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