Look at how it came out just when she was about to switch agencies.
There are so many instances like these in the acting world
"'The Glory' Im Jiyeon, ends contract after 5 months. To become a 'Free Agent or Contract Renewal"?"

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1. [+487, -16]
But rather than Im Jiyeon, I feel like these news are gonna impact Lee Dohyun negatively more.. Im Jiyeon barely got any negative repercussions

2. [+349, -4]
Acting companies are also f*cking shady

3. [+347, -3]
ㅇㅇ you can tell right away that Im Jiyeon's company was the one who snitched on her to Dispatch

4. [+346, -6]
Anyways, this will just increase Im Jiyeon's value. She already proved her value through her acting so a dating rumor won't affect her

5. [+213, -3]
That's what I've been saying. The company was the f*cking loser

6. [+51, -1]
But isn't Im Jiyeon from Jung Woosung and Lee Jungjae's company? So you're saying that Jung Woosung and Lee Jungjae were the ones who snitched on her? This is oba. What are these two doing?

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