TREASURE, a boy group under YG Entertainment, had a concert in which one of its members was lit on fire.

TREASURE held their Asian tour "2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO]" at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand on the 2nd.

The performance was held in a hot atmosphere with more than 10,000 local fans in attendance. However, as TREASURE member Yoon Jaehyuk (21) was coming up from the bottom of the stage, the stage equipment suddenly malfunctioned and fire erupted.

Caught unexpectedly in the flames, Yoon quickly ducked out of the way and checked to see if his clothes had caught fire. 

The shock was evident on his face, and he shook his wrist several times in pain after he burned his hand.

Yoon Jaehyuk rushed offstage to receive treatment for his burns. When he returned a short time later, he had a large bandage on his hand, much to the chagrin of his fans.

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1. Hul what is happening here?

2. Hul

3. Wow it's a relief that he's fine

4. He said that he's fine

5. The picture is shocking

6. I was so shocked by the pictureㅠ even so, it's a relief that he said he was fine!!

7. Hul an accident might've happened... it's a relief that he didn't get hurt

8. Is the article crazy?... he said right away that nothing happened to him as soon as the concert was over

9. If he didn't get hurt, then what's with the picture?

10. He said nothing happened

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