"I met with Zhang Hao a couple of times and slept with him. The guy is a prostitute whom he paid a couple of hundred thousand won. He met with the guy and even took selxas and slep with him a couple of times (selcas of both of them). 
They met a few times and did one night stands, he (???)
They took pictures together and Jjang Sen (Tn/: Zhang Hao?) also asked for money for a chatting room
Right now, the Jjang Sen fangirls are reporting everything and the account got suspended, but it didn't close. It keeps getting exposed, so it'll probably get exposed again. 

The fans are trying to report the account saying that this is fake, but the account keeps appearing again and disappearing again. 
There's even a videos of it 

The exposer: 

The exposer's tweet: Zhang Hao debuted, now I've slept with an idol 
The account that quoted the tweet: Please don't delete this
Exposer's tweet's reply (with the picture) : We only met a few times, this is a very rare item (the picture) 

This was the 1st exposer. 
And this is his ex

A: Are you still on vacation since you're not sleeping?
Zhang Hao: What kind of expression is this?
A: (?)
Zhang Hao: I like it when you don't wear anything 
A: Hubby doesn't like it when I sleep with panties on?
Zhang Hao: I'm a lustful lover
A: I usually sleep with panties on 

"OMG, I'm scared because I might get sued~ he asked me for money for pictures hahaha"

Zhang Hao's video first got exposed in the gay community 

"The gays of Fuzhou all know him" 

He's popular among gays of his area
Actually Zhang Hao even posted on that community 

He also took pictures of him and another commoner in the bathing house 

(t/n: he's talking about the guy from the pool being dumb and fat) 

- Hello! This is Bing. What can I help you with? 
- Please translate (Chinese) 
- The man by the pond is a fool in the sunset. His fat in the waves shakes my heart
- What's the meaning of the text?
- Those are lyrics of a popular song in China called "(?)". He's saying that the man in the pond looks like sunset, which is pretty to look at. And that his sight shakes his heart.

He's saying that he's brazen by the fat ajussi 

post response:
original post: here

1. [+87, -8]
Looks like you guys are all swarming in posting the same comments over and over again, meanwhile there's already clarifications of it everywhere. You guys are making it so obvious and just looking at the upvotes and downvotes they're all the same amount too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why would you guys go so far? Because your lives are already a fail, it'll fail even more with a lawsuit ^ ^

2. [+86, -7]
Zhang Hao is just a f*cking inssa (t/n: popular kid) to the point there's almost nobody who haven't taken pictures with him, so the moment a photo of him is posted, a bunch of rumors will start circulating around. Does that person have any other proofs than that picture of him?? All he has is just that one selcaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+80, -5]
The original post was removed so if you're releasing it here, you'll get get sued, you better get ready  ㅇㅇ

4. [+74, -5]
Ah the gallery kids are ganging up on him again, you guys are f*cking hilarious. Yuehua is f*cking good at suing people, you don't know that right? Actually it's also easy to sue people on Pann too~

5. [+70, -4]
It's easy to trace back the personal informatoin on Nate Pann with your ID. I'll gather your information and send it as a PDF to get you sued. Yuehua will be doing it right away. Zhang Hao was #1 on the survival show, so they'll try their best to protect him. They're already doing that on DC Gallery so why would you risk it and push it on Pann? ㅋㅋ

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