Top to bottom: 
Zhang Hao 
Sung Hanbin 
Seok Matthew
Park Gunwook 
Kim Taerae
Kim Gyuvin
Kim Jiwoong
Han Yujin 

- Sung Hanbin: He has an even distribution from teens to 40s 
- Zhang Hao & Seok Matthew: They have 60% of people between teens to 20s and 40% from 30s-40s
- Ricky & Kim Jiwoong: They have 70% of people from teens~20s and 30% from 30s-40s
- Park Gunwook & Kim Gyuvin: They have more than 40% among teens, and 30% of 20s. 
- Kim Taerae and Han Yujin: They have around 50% from teens. In comparison, they barely have anyone in their 30s-40s
- What's noteworthy is that Han Yujin is the only one with over 10% searches performed by men 

From their search terms: 
- Zhang Hao
Women: 92.74%
Men: 7.26%

- Sung Hanbin
W: 91%
M: 9%

- Seok Matthew
W: 92.72%
M: 7.28%

- Ricky 
W: 90.25%
M: 9.75%

- Park Gunwook: 
W: 92.49%
M: 7.51%

- Kim Taerae
W: 93.37%
M: 6.63%

- Kim Gyuvin 
W: 92.78%
M: 7.22%

- Kim Jiwoong
W: 91.54%
M: 8.46%

- Han Yujin
W: 86.47%

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1. [+61, -4]
Only trolls believe that Kim Jiwoong's fans demographics are high, but here you can see that he mostly have teens~20s fans. He's in demand from fans who are into sharp handsome featuers like Ricky 

2. [+50, -2]
Sung Hanbin's demography is seriously art

3. [+45, -0]
han Yujin is quite popular with guysㅋㅋ This is f*cking unexpected, I thought it would've been Kim Jiwoong

4. [+40, -1]
The teens must be so tired, they had their new semester comng up and they had to f*cking vote for Boys Planet, it must've been f*cking hard. They're impressive!!! BEause their fandom is working so hard, ZB1 are assured to hit big 

5. [+39, -0]
The age demographis are f*cking diverse. This is good for them

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