I don't think we're pretty, just that we're good at dolling up
Even for men, we don't even doll up
though it gets better when you're closer to downtown... 

When I went to North Europe wow... Everyone was handsome and pretty without even need to doll up. They also dress super casually and the girls don't put makeup.

Seriously I found them handsome and pretty

t/n: OP is a man 

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1, I feel like there are a lot of pretty people though...? And from the start, we're not even the same race

2. It's because your standard of beauty is based on Westerners so that's why you feel like that 

3. So your taste are Westerners

4. I agree, honestly, I can't say that I see a lot of pretty girls every day, I just don't see any pretty girls nor handsome men... 

5. Sigh.. I'm sure the women there doll up alright.. 

6. I agree. Hoenstly there are a few pretty people here... But it's because the majority of us know how to doll up and follow the trends

7. Kids, you need to go to Italy or Paris... Even the chodings tehre are handsome and the dogs are handsome too. I still can't forget the brunette man I saw with his leather jacket. 

8. Me too I'm not sure if we're that pretty or handsome, honestly our country has the image that we have pretty girls and handsome guys, but they're all made up because of idols and celebrities. In reality, only a few of us look like that... 

9. If we're going to compare with Westerners of course ㅜ

10. It's true that a big factor for our country is because we know how to doll up 

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