The girl I'm having a some with says that she loves my personality and my looks, everything 

But to me, I like everything about my some aside from her visuals... Her face is pretty but I feel like she's chubby.. My type is skinny girls ㅜㅜ is there anything I can do to not offend her..?

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1. Why would a some do this for you though?

2. Honestly if you have a type, of course you'll feel like you can do better. Of course, you're allowed to think "she can be skinnier" "she can be taller". But I don't think should expect her to change to fit your standards... Honestly, I don't think it's right to ask any lovers to change to match your own taste

3. If you guys started dating and she started gaining weight, I'd totally understand, but you guys are literally still in a some and I wonder why you're even in a some with her if her looks aren't good? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  The other way around, I bet your some also wished she'd meet someone more handsome 

4. I don't think you like her 

5. Usually people who say stuff like "She's pretty but chubby" means that they're super skinny themselvesㅜㅜ Why don't you work out and become more tone instead of looking like an achovy?

6. Just meet someone else

7. Half of the people are mad here because they're fat

8. If you don't like her, just find another some.. 

9. Why must you... You guys are just at the some stage... It's better to just break it 

10. She's not even your girlfriend but a some, why would she do that... Just meet someone else! 

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