"- Ah this?
- Sticker
- Moon Sua stuck it on
- Isn't not Extraordinary Attorney Woo
- It's Moon Sua
- I also don't know where she bought it
- She stuck it on"

"- Oppa's phone sticker?
- Ah I was the one who stuck that on
- It was a sticker given by a fan
- I stuck one on my oppa's phone
- Ah he changed his phone case but he stucked it on the new one?
- What the? I'm getting emotional..."

"Mom who suffered to give birth to my reliable oppa ♡ my one and only older brother, let's not be sick and always be happy"

"Moonbin: My everything, my all #ASTRO #AROHA
Moon Sua: Oppa is our everything and our family's all"

"Wait a minute... 2023!
I hope that Sua is always happy
The only thing I wish for 2023 is my dongsaeng's happiness"

"Moonbin, don't be sick, I miss you"

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1. I love you

2. So pretty

3. They are so pretty.. I hope his dongsaeng finds the peace of heart... ㅠㅠ

4. Moon siblings, I love you

5. Ah I was holding it in up until now but I burst out crying after seeing this post... both of them are truly so pretty

6. I love you

7. Ah seeing their baby pictures seriously.. ha...

8. They were such a good pair of siblings to see. I hope that his dongsaeng finds the peace of heart... ㅠ

9. Ah.. seriously.. what to do?.. my heart is going even more insane right now..

10. These two got along so well too. Seriously, this breaks my heart ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I hope that Bin-nim isn't hurting anymore and that he's in a better place

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