'Kyeon Miri's family' who shook Lee Seung Gi's job... couldn't even fill up all the 477 seats at his concert"

"This will be Lee Seung Gi's first concert in Korea in 10 years since his 2013 performance at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Center. The concert will be held at the Link Art Center Payco Hall. 
It's common for concerts to sell out quickly after a long hiatus. Lee Seung Gi is a "top singer," so it was expected that he would sell out a small venue. However, the response was not enthusiastic. Unlike the 15,000-seat Olympic Park Gymnastics Center, the 477 seats were not filled. As of the morning of the 20th, there were 25 to 40 seats left in the venue. There are 141 seats remaining out of a total of 1,908 seats over the four days concert. Tickets went on sale to the general public on June 6, but after more than two weeks, even the weekend performances were not sold out. Some ticket purchases were even cancelled with time increasing the number of unsold tickets."

Back then, Lee Seung Gi was able to sell out his 15,000 seats concert
But this time, he couldn't even fill up 477 seats

He even pushed back his honeymoon vacation to prepare for his concert
This isn't simply him not being able to sell out 477 seats
But there are even tickets getting canceled in real time so the number of empty seats keeps on increasing.

What's more is that it's a concert that even commoners can purchase
He wasn't even able to sell out on the weekend dates, let alone the week days
Seriously, you never know a celebrity's future

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1. [+694, -7]
This isn't just because of a woman. If women were his issue, then his image would've already been ruined when he was dating Yoona but it never happened. He just didn't choose the right spouse and that's why he hit rock bottom. He earned a lot of money so he can live off just fine without earning money anymore. He'd be just fine if he stopped appearing on TV while staying within his family and live his lovey dovey life

2. [+648, -4]
With what confidence is he doing these concerts?

3. [+575, -2]
Wasn't Lee Seung Gi who turned his back on his fans and the public? The result was obvious

4 [+490, -2]
Just with what confidence is he doing a concert? ㅎㅎ He chose his partner and said that he'd pay back for the rest of his life so he should do just that ^^ I hope that we don't write articles about him anymore. I'm not curious at all. And I don't think that the victims want to keep on seeing his face in the news either

5. [+392, -2]
Wow he seriously hit rock bottom

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