YG Entertainment has announced that it will take a strong stance against drug rumors about BLACKPINK's Rose.

"The rumors related to BLACKPINK's Rose, which have been spreading in some online communities and SNS, are blatantly false," YG Entertainment, the agency of BLACKPINK, told Newsen on April 13.

"We are taking legal action against those who violate the human rights of our artists and defame their reputations," the agency said, adding, "We are also monitoring the rumor mongers and spreaders, and we will take a strong actions against them without any punishment or settlement."

Rumors that BLACKPINK's Rose had taken drugs surfaced in China on Dec. 12. Chinese entertainment media outlets such as Sina Celebrity News also reported on Rose's alleged drug use.

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1. Why are the Bangtan fans here fighting in the comments?;;;;

2. I clicked in this article for Rose but the comments....

3. Why are the Bangtan fans here?

4. I hate Bangtan fans the most...

5. Rose is clearly a victim but the BP and BTS i-roaches have been making false rumors about one another for ages now. That's why this blew up. If you went on Twitter, you'll understand. Why are you guys fighting here? It was all rumors started by the i-roaches so they should be the ones being punished. The only victim here is Rose. Stop air punching here

6. They are all ambassadors so stop fighting in the comments. You think that they'll cut her off because you guys are stirring things up? Jimin's fans are f*cking annoying

7. The same thing happened with DIOR. For real, I wish that both his Korean and international fans get sued

8. I'm a fan of Jimin and I'm really sorry ㅠㅠㅠㅠ You sane fans, please report everyone

9. Rose and drugs?? Please sue all those trash journalists

10. Please stop all of this and just take this time to report all the tweets from this thread instead

11. I went to check what kind of thing was was happening and it's so funny seeing them fight between themselves over there. All the members have sealed deals so why would a brand cut them off? 

12. F*ck, protect Rose!!!! Just go fangirl on your male idols. They are all spreading those rumors regardless if they are an akgae or not ㅠㅠㅠ Stop with your inferiority complex and let's just go our separate ways. Stop tormenting us you trash f*ckers


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