Who do you think was the trainee who got eliminated that was the saddest?

For me it was Hiroto ㅠㅠ 
He wasn't my one pick, but I found it was such a shame 

Congrats to Kamden
Also Gyuvin's fans, you guys suffered, congrats seriously ❤️

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1. [+230, -5]
Yoon Jongwoo being higher than Lee Junghyun and Na Kamden can't be for realㅋㅋㅋ This felt like a molka
2. [+194, -1]
The weaboos have lots their minds, we need to remove their phones seriously 

3. [+163, -12]
Sung Hanbin, Zhang Hao, Han Yujin, Kim Gyuvin, Kim Jiwoong, Kim Taerae, Lee Junghyun and Na Kamden ============ This is the debut unti I want 

4. [+137, -13]
No but Junhyun-ah is the final a joke? What's with the main vocals being taken out... What a waste for the trainees who got dropped

5. [+109, -1]
My one pick was Hiroto too... He suffered so much.. Please don't give up being an idol..

6. [+98, -3]
Can someone remove some votes from Keita from overseas
first column: Korea, 2nd column: International 
1. Sung Hanbin 
2. Zhang Hao 
3. Kim Jiwoong 
4. Kim Taerae
5. Han Yujin 
6. Keita
7. Kim Gyuvin 
8. Ricky 
9. Seok Matthew
10. Lee Hoetaek 
11. Park Hanbin 

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