[...] It also rose to 270,000 won, up 4.25% from the previous trading day.

Hybe's prices recovered to the price it was since last June 14th, when it announced that BTS was going to be going on hiatus. [...]

It was BTS member Jimin's solo activities that acted as a great momentum for Hybe's share price rise. Jimin's first mini-album 'FACE' and the title song 'Like Crazy' ranked first on the US Billboard's main chart 'Hot 100' and entered the main album chart 'Billboard 200' at number 2, writing history. Hybe's stock price soared 41.3% in 10 trading days, from 184,000 won the day before Jimin reached No. 1 on the Billboard'Hot 100' (3rd).

BTS Jimin's solo earned Hybe a rise of 41% for being #1 on HOT100 ㄷㄷㄷ

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1. Freaking impressive

2. Treat BTS well Hybe-yah 

3. So the results of being #1 on HOT100 is impressive

4. Seriously he's so impressive!!!! Hybe needs to treat him better!!!

5. Wow this is daebak 

6. Hybe, treat them better

7. That's why you need to treat BTS better

8. Give the members solo tours and treat them better

9. I should bought the stocks before Jimin's comeback... It's a bit dangerous to buy them now 

10. Jimin really rose the stock prices so much... Why didn't I buy any ㅠ

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