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1. Aside from Liz, I'm not sure if any of them is good, I feel like the pitch is way too high and even I get anxious listening to the song, they should've went with something that's safer for them 

2. At first, they were shaky, but it got gradually better in the end. There are so many people who are just ready to hate on IVE here

3. Of course they'll be shaky if they're nervous at first.. But compared to how high the song is, they actually did well 

4. Liz is so good

5. Can people stop it already...No matter what you'll say, I feel like they've been trying to prove they can sing live so many times this time, isn't it good that they're slowly improving like that? We're talking about kids who have debuted barely 1 year ago, why are you nitpicking so much.. 

6. Wow this is such a hard song to sing, and they must've been freaking nervous, but they worked so hard on singing it and they're pretty too. I'm not even a fan and I respect them 

7. You don't need to think they sang f*cking well but it was actually not bad??

8. Wow this is insane. They did f*cking well? I don't know anyone but Ahnyoungz but who's that girl who did the "That's my life" part?

9. I didn't know much about Liz but she's freaking good 

10. Lis is honestly so good? Yujin did well too. LeeSeo was fine and Wonyoung's voice is charming 

11. Gaeul seems like she can't sing 

12. This is their own song, if they don't even have the confidence to sing it... Just leave someone else to sing 

13. I envy idolsㅋㅋㅋ Even when they're out of tune, people praise them for doing wellㅋㅋㅋㅋ

14. Wow so Ahn Yujin doesn't know how to sing, I thought she did 

15. They did well... The song is good too 

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