Actress Jang Da-ah (real name Jang Jinyoung)

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1. Are kids who are saying that they look alike for real?

2. Wow they don't look alike 

3. They don't look alike but they're both f*cking pretty 

4. Oh she's pretty!!!!!!!!!

5. I can see Jang Wonyoung in her smile 

6. Hul when she smiles, her mouth reminds me of Wonyoung, she's way prettier in video 

7. I can see Jang Wonyoung when she smiles 

8. She's Pocari Sweat's type, how nice must it be to be her parents ㅠㅠ

9. She's so pretty in that last scene

10. Wow I thought it was Wonyoung in that last shot 


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1. [+248, -4]
There are so many talks about how Jang Wonyoung's sister being prettier, but I feel like the unnie has the face that adults would like

2. [+235, -6]
But she really doesn't look like Jang Wonyoung

3. [+204, -8]
It's not like she's the one who claimed to be prettier than Jang Wonyoung herself, it's just a few people around her who said that and it was blown out of proportions, so why are people being so nitpicky about it... Just view them as sisters, why would you want to pit them against each other about who's prettier than who? And her unnie is also not debuting as an idol either, rather she's an actress, so there's no point in putting them together, why would you compare all the time?

4. [+!65, -9]
But she's an actress anyways,s o she won't come in the way of Jang Wonyoung with her promotions, so there's no point pitting them against each other ㅎㅎ Just view the unnie as the unnie and Jang Wonyoung as herself and they'll promote just fine, their paths are different and she's even in a different subdivision of Starship's labels. Anyways they know best how to promote.. 

5. [+157, -3]
Her lips? aside, she doesn't give Jang Wonyoung's vibe at all, but her lips are similar

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