She went to a concert with Spotify's CEO
She also has a lot of connection with the Saint-Laurent team so I thought that she had some kind of magical spell but turns out, she's so good at English.
I'm not talking about being average-good. She talks in a humorous and luxurious way.
No matter how much of a gyopo someone is, there's a difference between being good at English and being good with words.
But she's good at bothㅋ

I envy her

(T/N: Inteview here for reference)

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I watched the video with James Corden and I realized that she was not only good at English but she was also the most extroverted. Jennie was unexpectedly the shyest. Jennie seems to be the type of person that gets along well with people of her age while Rose reems to be better with executives or older people. She's not immature and speaks well

2. [+33, -1]
I feel like she's putting considerable effort not to forget her English though? She talks in English with her family and she also reads a lot of English books

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When they released their album and that she went on an American radio show, I watched the talk with subtitles and the MC asked them about the album, and Rose said something along the lines of it feels like they came out to the world and did something big(?)ㅋㅋ The MC was agreeing and the people around her were all laughingㅋ She's pretty cheerful and is good at directing the vibe around her. She also did well with the interview while being humorous. I like Rose's role in BP

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Olivia Rodrigo mentioned her in an interview

5. [+17, 0]
I seriously like Rose's personality so much when she speaks in Englishㅠㅠ She's seriously charming

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This post made me want to be better in English

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