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(t/n: the kid pulled his mom's hair to apparently remove/block her from a seat?)

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1. I saw in the previous episode that her mom was sick too...I feel so so bad for her, she suffered so much raising him, but she must feel all sorts of emotions because of him ㅠㅠ 

2. Crazy Last week's episode, I heard that his mom was suffering from fibromyalgia or some sort of disease, so she has chronic pain all over her body... I saw from the conversation with the mom last week, she raised him in such a spoiled way and babied him so much whenever she talked to him. His dad also appeared but his face was mosaiced

3. What a crazy f*cker

4. I'm scared for the mom, the majority of kids will turn out this way if you don't raise them well 

5. If he's able to use strength like that against a woman, how do you think he'll turn out when he grows up?

6. Imagine doing this to your own mom? This is bad

7. He already acknowledged that his mother was weaker than him, and he knows that his mom will never abandon him coldly either, so do you really think that an objective 3rd party can change him fundamentally when he knows all this? Just send him to his dad so he can get a beating from him when he grows up 

8. If he treats his mom like that... How do you think he'll spend his days at school... 
Aren't his teachers and other students at risk too?

9. But what I don't understand is that if there is someone who is better suited to raising that kid, wouldn't it be more advisable to send that kid and let him grow up with that person???? Anyone can see now that staying with his mother is bad for both the mother herself and the child, but why is it a bad thing for the father to raise him?? Why can't a father raise a child?? 

10. Seriously to f*ckers like him, you need to strike their head with a golf bat for them to wake up
And let the mother hit him. Seriously this kid is able to hit the cameraman and the staff if they got an issue with him too 

11. Is he insane...?

12. If his grandma and mom weren't there, I bet he'd assault any woman he sees. Just send him to his dad's house and let him raise him f*ck 

13. I can't think of anything but mental disease. He needs to live with people of his kind. I don't think any solutions on this show could actually resolve the issue 

14. Do you really think that he'll realize what's wrong? Imagine if he can't realize his actions and becomes an adult... This is scary.. Please find a solution ㅠ 

15. Shouldn't they protect his mom first?

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