She's good at singing
Good at dancing
Plays the piano, guitar and ukelele well

Is good with her expressions on stage
(Sexy, cute, innocent...)

She's mannerly

And she's especially cute!!!!! She totally looks like a baby

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1. [+34, -5]
Her voice color is a fraud. All of NewJeans' singing covers are so-so. The reason is because Hanni's voice color is a wall

2. [+32, -3]
She looks like a baby but she's good at everything

3. [+26, -5]
She's seriously solidly talented

4. [+24, 0]
Hanni is seriously a member that completes all the corners of the skill hexagon. Her voice color also stands out the most. When I heard their songs for the first time, Hanni's voice caught me right away

5. [+18, 0]

6. [+6, -3]
The haters are just quietly downvoting this post because they can't refute anything

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