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This year, EXO was supposed to have their full group comeback and they've been preparing it so much, but the military regulations suddenly changed and Kai had to enlist right away. He has to leave to the army next week. So all the plans for the album has been cancelled. We've been waiting for the full group comeback for 5 years and now, we need to wait another 3 years. EXO has been promoting for 14 years and has gone to the army for 7 years. 
He caught a severe flu a few days ago and it was so bad that he even forgot his own name and had to be rushed to the emergency. He got an IV shot and went home, the moment he got home, he realized that his phone wouldn't open Bubble to do his live, so he got a new phone right away and opened Buble. 
He just opened his live and cried.. 

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Jongin isn't crying because he needs to enlist, rather, he has been preparing the most for EXO's full group comeback and it's been 2 months since we've been told that they would comeback and everyone was so excited. They're practicing dancing to shoot the MV and, now he's been told through the news that he has to go to the army next week. That's why he's crying, but the company seriously freaking pisses me off. They've prepared the comeback to be in April originally but because of their internal business issues, they pushed it. They used the members to cover them and to block the fans' eyes and made us wait. This pisses me off

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No but Kai himself only learned that he had to enlist today... 1 week before he has to enlist... Do you think it makes any sense? The company really can't work properly

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I'd cry too if I learned I had to enlist the week before. And also in front of such an important comeback 

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Freaking SM because of their internal business issues, they had to push the comeback;;; And this is what we ended up with;; I want to sewar. EXO are piritful too. They had no full-group comebacks since 2019 f*ck 

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I watched the live and he only learned it today.. 

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