Fans in Thailand, the center of the Hallyu movement in Southeast Asia, are complaining that K-pop concert prices have risen too high. Some fans have even filed complaints with the Consumer Protection Agency, claiming that ticket prices are too high.

According to local media outlet MGR Online on Wednesday, the average price of a K-pop concert sold in Thailand this year was 5270 baht (208K won - 1,000 won = ~$0.75 USD), up 17.9 percent from 4470 baht (176K won) in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic. This is 59.6% higher than the average price of 3302 baht (130K won) in 2013, a decade ago.

Compared to the past, when the most expensive tickets were around 6,000 baht and the cheapest around 1050 baht, there have been many complaints that the prices are too high while the benefits are minimal, the outlet reported.

A VIP ticket for Blackpink's concert at the Rajamangala National Stadium, Thailand's largest venue, on the upcoming 27-28th, will cost 14,800 baht (583K won).

The price of the concert has prompted some fans to knock on the door of Thailand's Consumer Protection Agency. The fan club of Stray Kids, who performed in Bangkok in February this year, filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency in October last year. The highest-priced ticket for the show was 8500 baht (325K won).

At the time, the agency met with concert ticket sellers to discuss ways to protect consumers, but said the government cannot regulate prices.

"At the moment, there is no law to control the price of concert tickets," the agency said. "The price is determined by the agreement between the seller and the consumer."

Industry insiders explained that a decade ago, sponsorships covered 70% of concert costs, but as that share dropped below 30%, ticket prices rose.

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1. Those prices are way too expensive

2. Expensive...

3. I also went to a concert in Southeast Asia and paid a standing seat for 360K won before Covid... Even so, the venue was small so it's good to attend if you have a ticket

4. I've always thought that tickets in Southeast Asia were expensive, so I wondered if they could afford it compared to their wages, but from the comments, it seems that the concert prices of overseas celebrities are originally in that range.

5. The ticket prices over there are either similar to Korea's or more expensive but if you factor in their average wage, these prices just don't make sense

6. 580K won is honestly severe

7. Even 580K won for our country's average wage is considered way too expensive. If you think about Thailand's average earning, that's a severe price. But seeing how comments are saying that all foreign celebrities price their tickets that way over there, it makes me wonder if concerts over there have always been this expensive

8. This is too severe...

9. Hul... 580K won... are they crazy?

10. It's true that the prices are way too expensive. But when their celebrities come to Korea for a fan meeting, it's also arond the 200K won rangeㅎㅎ both are charging a lot ㅋㅋㅋ

11. Every concert needs an audience and if the audience says that the tickets are too expensive, then they should accomodate 

12. Nowadays, I've been thinking about how concert prices in our country were expensive but... Thailand is even more expensive...ㅠ

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