It's because of this specific video

During Music Bank in Paris, after the performances were done, they were at the stage of greeting the fans one last time
IVE was working hard bowing down to the audience 

Then, a member and "that guy" were running on stage from far away

But the IVE members were busy greeting the fans, so they didn't see these members

Meanwhile, Yujin who was the closest to the members was doing fan service
and once she realized, they were already gone so fast
so she couldn't greet them 

Of course, Bang Chan is allowed to misunderstand the situation and he could've not realized it, but the Stray Kids international fans took this video and ran with it saying that IVE didn't greet Stray Kids

So in the end
1. Bang Chan didn't say it was them for sure, and he didn't mention anyone
we don't even know if they were male idols or female idols who didn't greet him, it's also possible that he didn't see them greet him 
1-1. But he did use the word "generation"
2. Stray Kids' international fans started looking for "the hoobaes" who didn't greet him
They excluded any possible sunbae groups/singers from the same company/groups who are close to them/groups who were shown in videos to have greeted Stray Kids. That's how they narrowed it down 
3. They found the Paris performance video and started spreading the fact that IVE were the main culprits
4. That's why IVE started receiving hate
5. I also don't know why they are swearing at Jang Wonyoung, all I can see is that they were finding any reason to hate on her
6. For reference, when Jang Wonyoung was MCing for Music Bank with Stray Kids, the atmosphere was good and they also greeted each other just fine
7. There's nothing confirmed about who didn't greet them, there's nobody who can take responsibility over this, so they're only swearing at the female idols

In the end, IVE even greeted the staff

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1. [+62, -4]
If he really wanted to come off kindly, he could've just asked why people weren't greeting him or even say that through his manager, he's a celebrity just like everyone else, so he knows just how scary hate comments can be. Why is he he lumping all the hoobaes together to get them sworn at? Even if he joked about greeting him if they saw him pass by, he would've still sounded super rude, so I wonder why he thought it was necessary to go this far? Why is he trying to get such young idols to receive hate? Sigh 

2. [+61, -4]
But it's funny how they're now mentioning Music Bank even though it happened a month ago as if they were waiting for this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+61, -3]
For real, rather than them purposefully not greeting Stray Kids, it's clear that they didn't do it because they were just too far..? I don't think anyone would've noticed them at that distance, and it's not like they were just staying still they were busy greeting their own fans, isn't it obvious that they could've not seen Stray Kids... And it all comes down to the timing of their greetings nto matching up, why would they go so far to swear at IVE? I don't get it. At the same time, I-roaches overreact on trivial things all the time 

4. [+58, -2]
It was such a huge stage with loud noises and messy set up, they were busy greeting their own fans, so of course it's possible to have not seen them. And it's not like Stray Kids mentioned anything about IVE either. Even if they were the ones that Stray Kids thought of, in this situation, it's totally plausible that they couldn't see them and that the timing was wrong 

5. [+32, -1]
But IVE was never even mentioned in the first place, so there's no grounds on trying to infer that it could be them, meanwhile some comments there were sounding so sure that it was about IVE. That Stray Kids member didn't even talk about IVE so why are those I-roaches pulling IVE's hair? Can someone explain? Why are there comments so sure that it was IVE? 

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