She's freaking pretty...? 

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1. [+49, -4]
NingNing should stop doing Black Mamba or Next Level makeup and keep doing this...Her fancams are all legendary nowadays

2. [+37, -7]
But you can tell that NingNing is the least hit or miss in terms of prettiness, she's straight up pretty no? Of course her real life visuals would be pretty too. I'm a group fan and I love Winter's face the most, but I can tell that NingNing is so pretty, she looks fresh. Her physique is a bit of a shame, but her visuals and her skills are both above average. She's also a gag character. I get so annoyed when other kids say that aespa could do well with only KarWin. Her visuals are finally shining with makeup that suits her now 

3. [+31, -1]
Wow but celebrities are indeed celebrities, I honestly don't even look human with pictures taken from the back camera

4. [+27, -3]
NingNing is the only member who looks more puffy than in real life

5. [+22, -4]
My friend saw her in front of her nose and she said that Ning kept catching her attention, cameras really don't do her justice 

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