They are now ranked 4th in all girl group history

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1. I-dle, I love you

2. Wow from 2,000 copies to 1 million

3. Wow... from 2K copies to 1 million, seriously impressive👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

4. Who knew that CUBE would have a million seller. Impressive

5. There's no end to the girl groups' blessings

6. I-dle did it

7. I'm not a fan but I support them because they are talented. I hope they keep on succeeding

"The same day 5 years ago......."

9. Wow in this top 10, 9 of them were from albums that were released 1.5 years ago! Seriously, it's the heydays of female groups now.... Congrats to I-dle for selling 1 million in their first week of sale

10. I-dle's songs are all good even though their earlier songs were a bit disappointing ㅋㅋㅋ still, they had to go through all that to become the I-dle they are now


t/n: "Inflation kinda has a negative connotation in physical albums sales, meaning that fans only buy more albums/mass buying, instead of organic fandom growth, but it also doesn't discount the fact that they are gaining more fandom influx
April 2020's Oh My God's album sales
1st week sales 110K

"They became the 4th girl group to hit 100K albums in their first week sales."

They're the first small agency girl group to hit 100K albums and the 4th girl group ever at that time

And 3 years later, on May 2023

Queencard's first week sales reached 1.16M

They're also the first girl group from a small agency to surpass 1M sales
They're also once again the 4th firl group to ever do it
Meanwhile, this is 10x the amount from 3 years ago 

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1. Why are people considering this post a drag...? Their fans sure are f*cking sensitive

2. Hmmm but the way you worded this is a bit ambiguous, they did gain a bunch of fans during their Tomboy era though?

3. This doesn't have anything to do with Idle, but isn't it true that inflation has became f*cking severe in the idol industry as a whole? Even top idols found it hard in the past to even reach 1M sales, especially female idols 

4. But overall, the inflation has happened in the entire industry, the way you're claiming only Idle did that is quite funny, of course the fans will be pissed 

5. But Idle already had a strong core during their OMG days, if you tried fangirling on them, you'd know (t/n: meaning their core fandom didn't grow) 

6. But IVE was the first girl group from a small agency to achieve 1M... 

7. The industry as a whole grew bigger, I don't think it's only inflation 

8. Ah so you're claiming that they didn't gain any new fans and that all this is thanks to their fans buying more albums...?ㅋㅋ

9. The 1st girl group to sell 1M copies in their first week sales was IVE;; 

10. Isn't this all from China anyways? 

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