I get deep thoughts so easily that I'm in pain..ㅠ
I keep getting reminded of bad memories and I can only think of painful memories

I got employed last year and worked for 6 months
Even if work was difficult, when I got home it was around 8 PM?
I liked it because time flew so quickly

Now that I'm unemployed, the thing I feel is that time doesn't go on

I felt that time flying by quickly made me happy when working at the company

Earning money comes second but since I didn't have the time to think, it was way better
When I start thinking about various things, it really gives me a hard time ㅠ

That's how I feel. I wonder if there's anyone who can relate to me?? Or am I weird?

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1. That's right, me too ㅋㅋ that's why I went back to work. Because that's what I learned tooㅠㅠ

2. When you're unemployed, just breathing out makes my confidence go down... Once I got a job, I could only think about work so it was much better

3. That's what I'm feeling right now ㅠㅠㅠ I'm home the whole day so I'm filled with all sorts of thoughts and I get endlessly depressed. Money is the 2nd priority but I just want to find work so I can get out of my house

4. If you're unemployed, how do you get money..?

5. When I was unemployed, time flew faster for me.... I can stay on my phone for a whole day or watch TV so the day goes by quick. I thought that I couldn't get a job easily as I got older but when I did, all I did was to wait for the time to get off work

6. I'm like this... I became depressed after being unemployed for a month

7. How do you guys manage the stress that comes with work? People get mad at me or treat me like sh*t every day ㅠ That's why I find being unemployed much better

8. That's right. Time definitely becomes more abundant when you're home so that's why I get depressed over my various thoughts...

9. Seriously, that's why you need a job and be in society

10. I like being unemployed better....

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