It has been confirmed that an arrest warrant has been requested for idol-turned-singer Nam Taehyun.

Yongsan Police Station in Seoul applied for an arrest warrant for Nam on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act. Seo, who is accused of taking the drug together, is also scheduled to stand at the crossroads of arrest at the same time. The court will hold a pre-arrest interrogation of Nam and Seo at around 10:30 am tomorrow (18th).

Nam and Seo have been accused of using methamphetamine since August last year. At the time, Seo posted posts such as "Nam Taehyun did methamphetamine" on social media and then deleted them.

In September of last year, the police called Nam and Seo to collect their hair and requested an appraisal from the NFS. The police are said to be suspicious of the possibility of Nam and Seo destroying evidence.


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1. So he was a druggie too 

2. They were so quiet about it, turns out they were actually investigating 

3. A real mess

4. Hul so the rumors on the IG was real?

5. Hul wow the team was so lucky that he left 

6. So they already gathered their hair last September... I thought they let them slide

7. What the? When did they get caught?

8. Seriously he's such a mess

9. YG is honestly a pharmacy..

10. Why does it feel like I've read this article before? I'm not even shockedㅋㅋㅋ

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