It looks so awkward on her that it looks like she's wearing a wigㅠㅠ Please give us the black hair back

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1. Freaking pretty

2. It doesn't suit her

3. It looks like a difference in makeup

4. It does wash her out. I hope they cover it with black soon

5. To be honest, it doesn't suit her but her face is winning. Black hair does look amazing on her

6. Darker hair looks indeed better on her

7. Anyone can tell that this is just the truth. Why would they melt her hair...

8. Isn't it because her makeup is way too different in the first pic?

9. I don't think that it doesn't suit her but it's not her best either... but how can you expect idols to just do their best hair?

10. It severely washes her out but I like that she's trying something new

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