He just said I was so ditry that I should go wash up 
Does he have bad intentions VS he just wants me to take a shower?

We're just the 2 of us...We were hanging out 
and because we wanted to rest so we booked a room
neither of us have feelings for each other 
but he randomly just told me to take a shower

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1. If you were tired after hanging out, why not just go home and instead go to a motel?

2. Just how hard were you guys playing around that you would get dirty enough to rent a motel and wash? ㅋㅋ Or shouldn't you wash yourself before meeting up? Of course, I can't understand the context of the situation from the start

4. Of course, I don't know who suggested this in the first place but 
Who said to even go rest at the motel first? And you really thought that you were going to a motel to "rest"?
You must've understood that what he meant was "let's sleep together"
Still, even if you don't have any feelings towards each other, why would you go to a motel then? This is even more dumbfounding than drinking together and going to the motel after

5. Why are you going to a motel together in the first place??

6. You go to motels...With your male friends?

7.Seirously, I'm curious about one thing. What if your future boyfriend went to a motel with his female friend and told you that he went there to rest and for the to take showers, you'll be okay with that?

8. The fact that you're in a motel with him in the first place means there are ulterior motives ㅋㅋ

9. Your entire situation itself is oba

10. Why? Would you? Go? There? With a? Male friend?

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