"Karina also receives the best pay ㅋㅋㅋ It's clear since she said that her goods are selling the most in SM"

Park Myungsoo: how do you fulfill your filial duty to your parents?
Karina: I call them, because of my schedules, I couldn't see them. I also changed their car
Park Myungsoo: So your parents walked until now?
Karina: Noㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They used a car before but they've been using it for so long
Park Myungsoo: That's so impressive

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1. Only SM would know this, commoners would never. These are just guesses

2. But for the Season's Greetings, Karina was first

3. Nop Nop Nop....

4. How would you know stuff like that if you're not the employee...

5. Nop, if you look at the amount of goods she's selling, you'd be able to know right away. But it's true that she sells a lot 

6. It's true she sells a lot, but she's not #1 in SM 

7. So it's true that the more goods you sell, the more money you earn as an idol...?
> Yup, because of portrait rights, these members will have higher setlement ratio

8. I know that Karina is super popular, but unless you're an employee from SM, you wouldn't know 

9. But she indeed sold the most season's greetings no? I've seen it somewhere

10. Wow

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