"Was I too much for that? (niece)"

We had a family gathering and I gave 50,000 won as allowance to my niece who is 7 y'o (t/n: 37USD)
My niece said "There's nothing I can do with 50,000 won"
And I replied "Nevermind then, don't take it. You're so greedy. How can a 7 y'o say something like that" and my niece started crying. 

Was I too much?

1. You were too much, you should be kind with your words towards babies
2. You should discipline kids like that

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1. 2222222222222 Kids at that age don't speak because they're selfish, they do this because they saw their parents act like that, blame the parents

2. 222 Seeing how my niece grew up, you can't view them with #1 and speak with them carefully and kindly. You can do it until they're 5 y'o but once they're 7 y'o, they're at the age of going to the elementary school already, they should know what they should know. They're at the age where they cry because they think you've stolen something from them, not because your hurt them 

3. Baby-yah, this auntie can live half a month off that 50,000 won ㅠㅠㅠ

4. 222 Since she's a niece you treasure... Then you should also teach her the manners you should treat money and other things you treasure

5. 22 She totally lacks manners

6. Just how does her parents talk to her that she acts like that?

7. It's better to not give her anything, but you shouldn't talk to her like that. 7 y'o is still a baby... No matter how bad she was, she's still only 7 y'o. 

8. A 7 y'o belittling 50,000 won????? How is she crying over this?

9. 22 she's a freaking bratㅋㅋㅋㅋ If people give her the excuse of "you're not an adult so you're allowed to talk like that", she'll think that she's really able to talk like that 

10. #1, you might think that you're disciplining her, but the execution was f*cking childish from you

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