I'm not talking about smart women doing simplistic works or women who simply earn a lot, I'm talking about women who are able to see through you and who are quick witted. Men hate women who are like that, women who are above them 

That's why I can't go for long whenever I date younger men 

Whenever I'm fighting with my s/o, I can see through them and I can tell when they lie, so whenever I bring it back in the future, they seriously hate it 

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1. Who would like that? 

2. But then they'll hate women who have good jobs or who earn a lot too because they'll swear at them for being too picky ㅋ

3. ㅋㅋ... And they'll find women who will give them a pass whenever they lie and will not hold anything against them 

4. The fact that they hate women who do better than them is all about their small ego, it has nothing to do with the woman herself 

5. Of course they wouldn't like that 

6. It's because they lack intelligence ㅎㅎ

7. They will always wish the woman to be dumber and more innocent than them 

8. They wish they can meet dumber and easier girlsㅋㅋ 
That's a similar reason why women want to meet older men
So it'll be way more advantageous for them whenver the woman doesn't know certain things 

9. That's because you've only dated dumb men 

10. You guys are birds of a feather 

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