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1. Jennie seems to work freaking hard working out, she's skinny but muscular

2. Hot girl, her body is insane. How are her lines so pretty?

3. Wow hot girl... She's so photogenic 

4. This isn't a body you're born with, but with a lot of trainign and work out. Her muscles are cool 

5. Wow f*cking pretty.. Crazy... Seriously her face is like a cat.. 

6. Jennie doesn't even look excessive when she wears stuff like that, she pulls them off and she looks pretty in everything 

7. She's so pretty 

8. The outfits are revealing, but it's not provocative, rather she looks cool. Interesting 

9. Jennie's unique aura is so good, she's the epitome of hot girl 

10. If I was born again, I want to look like her 

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