Group EXO's Kai suddenly announced his military enlistment ahead of EXO's full-group comeback. There was a misunderstanding in interpretation between the headquarters and regional offices regarding the regulations of the Military Manpower Administration, and it is analyzed that this incident occurred in the process of correcting them.

Under the current enlistment regulations, enlistment can be delayed up to 5 times. Two of them can be classified as 'other reasons', which include 'entertainment activities'. According to the regulations of the headquarters, only 2 out of 5 postponements of enlistment can be postponed due to entertainment activities, but since it was a 'regulation', not a law, it was operated somewhat flexibly under the supervision of the military manpower office in each region.

Accordingly, most people in the entertainment industry tend to set the number of times that their entertainers can postpone enlistment as 'up to 5 times' and prepare for their activities. Same with SM Entertainment. Kai also applied for a second postponement of enlistment through the last 'Rover' activity, and it was found that he was planning to apply for a third postponement of enlistment recently.

However, as Ravi, from the group VIXX, recently tried to evade military service, and rapper Nafla also caused controversy over charges of not fulfilling his military service by manipulating social worker attendance records, etc. It is known that the Military Manpower Administration was  known to have notified each local Military Manpower Administration to abide by the regulations of enlistment without exception.

In the process, Kai disrupted his scheduled activities and suddenly enlisted in the military.

SM Entertainment usually announces the enlistment of its artists at least one month in advance. However, the news of Kai's enlistment this time was announced ten days prior to his enlistment. It could be inferred that the urgent enlistment was a result of this regulation change.

As a result, the regional offices, which had been operating somewhat flexibly based on the regulations of the Military Manpower Administration, recently received a notice from the main office and abided by the regulations without exception, and this situation occurred. Controversy over the evasion of military service by celebrities is the most likely reason for this background.

1. And of all people, it's his best friend who impacted him... 

2. But why isn't SM clarifying that they've only tried pushing it twice for Kai within the regulations? Right now, people are swearing at Kai saying that he tried to push it 5x.. It's kinda unfair 

3. I can understand both sides, but one thing for sure, Kai is so unlucky.. 

4. Your friend made a huge mistake 

5. Of all causes, it had to be his friend... 

6. Isn't he close friends with Ravi too? This is f*cking ironic 

7. But if they're doing this, then we'll see a bunch of people rush to the army soon too 

8. Hul so it was indeed because of Ravi..ㅎ...ㅠㅠ

9. Sigh you should give us the album faster SM f*cker

10. Wow but he was actually staying still and got hit, I do feel bad

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