As news of EXO member Kai's sudden military enlistment next week has prompted many fans to question the logistics of South Korea's military service laws, a representative of the Military Manpower Administration spoke with Star News to shed partial light on the issue. 

The rep commented on May 4 KST, "Typically, those who receive a military service summon letter can request to postpone the date of their enlistment a total of 5 times within a period of 2-years after receiving the summon."

The rep continued, "There are many reasons which are acceptable for a postponement request, including 'miscellaneous', but this reason can only be use twice as a part of the 5 total requests permitted."

Thus, the rep indicated that Kai has already used up all 5 postponement requests, and therefore has no choice but to enlist on the date indicated by his summon letter, if he plans on abiding by the law. However, it is currently unclear whether or not the representative's explanation is what SM Entertainment may have been referring to when it said, "due to recent changes in military service laws". 

Earlier on May 3, SM Entertainment announced that Kai had received his summon letter to enlist as a public service worker on May 11.
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1. His company is the one who couldn't manage this properly. It's not like the members were enlisting in a day or two and they know fully well that he couldn't postpone his enlistment anymore. The way they handled this is comedy

2. No matter what, the company is the one planning everything for their idols whether it's enlistment or any other scheudle. The fact that they couldn't plan his promotion is the company's fault no?ㅜ so many male idols from SM have enlisted already.. how can they still not plan things properly...

3. This is just a regrettable event. It's not like he wasn't gonna enlist

4. But army issues should be an affair managed by the company

5. This is all SM's fault

6. ㅇㅇ There are cases where people suddenly get notified when they can't postpone their enlistment anymore... I know someone who got notified 2 weeks in advance

7. This is sad

8. This is hurting the remaining members as well... they pushed the other members' solos just so they could have a group comeback first

9. The fans and artists must be so upset. The full group promotion was so important

10. The fans must be furious

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