According to an exclusive media outlet report on May 10 KST, an anonymous individual 'A' has filed charges against singer IU for plagiarism. 

Earlier this week on May 8, Seoul's Gangnam Police Station received a charge report filed against IU, who is facing accusations of plagiarizing 6 songs - "Good Day", "The Red Shoes", "Pitiful", "Boo", "BBIBBI", and "Celebrity".

The charge report claimed, "All 6 of these songs closely resemble the original songs in melody, rhythm, and code progression, and in the case of songs like 'The Red Shoes', the resemblance is clearly noticeable even in the ears of the general public. Especially, all 6 songs are suspected of plagiarizing the intro." 

It's true that back in 2013, when IU first released "The Red Shoes", she became embroiled in plagiarism accusations for the song's close resemblance to "Here's Us" by the German band Nekta. 

The accuser 'A' further claimed that "The accused (IU) refused to respond to her plagiarism accusations despite their numerous occurrences, instead reporting and erasing all such accusations on SNS for copyright violations. Therefore, the accuser has decided to file a report after witnessing a lack of public awareness regarding the numerous accounts of plagiarism which have been taken down irrationally on SNS for copyright reasons, and additionally as an issue of a failure of legal authorities to fulfill their duties responsibly in determining the amount of damages that those faced with copyright violation accusations must pay."

While normally, plagiarism charges must be filed by those who believe themselves to be the victims of creative plagiarism, in the case of 'A', they intend on claiming that third parties can also file charges based on suspicions of "habitual acts of plagiarism for profit".
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1. This is f*cking random, IU fighting

2. Is this a resurgence of Tajinyo..? I'm looking at a fake scandal again... crazy

3.It's not even because they are similar to the original songs, it's because they speed up the music, adjust the pitch, and make it sound as similar as possible, and then call it plagiarism;;

4. This person should just work hard living their own life. Imagine how jealous theey must beㅋㅋ

5. This is a legandary troll. Leave IU alone ㅠㅠ

6. IU's trolls are just of another level. Use that hate energy on your own life or something

7. IU is a strong and good person so I think that she'll manage this well. The people around her will protect her too ㅇㅇ

8. This person is a commoner?

9. Charging someone is different from accusing someone. Charges come from the people involved while accusations come from 3rd parties

10. Those aren't even songs that IU composed anywaysㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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