Rapper Swings mentioned Black Pink's Jennie as a celebrity he wants to date.

On the 8th, a video titled "Tanaka, let's sign a contract with our company (with Swings)" was uploaded on YouTube.

Tanaka asked Swings, "is there a girl you want to date right now?". Swings, who noticed Tanaka's intentions, replied briefly, "It's a secret."

Tanaka did not give up. After questioning, he got an answer from Swings. When asked who the girl he wants to date is, Swings replied "Black Pink Jennie". Tanaka, who got the answer, said, "Let's write 'I'm dating Blackpink Jennie' down' (on a post-it note)" and told Swings to stick it on a wall. 

Swings didn't write it down, perhaps because he was shy, but Tanaka himself wrote it down on a post-it for Swings who hesitated. The post-it read "I'm dating BlackPink Jennie".

BLACKPINK Jennie was mentioned once again when the two of them went out to the rooftop, perhaps trying to calm the heated atmosphere.

Tanaka said to Swings, "Come on, Swings! Just confess loudly 'Jennie is my girlfriend!' Swings was perplexed saying "Do I have to go that far?", and Tanaka asked with a serious expression, "Shout it out loud just once."

In the end, Swings shouted "Black Pink Jennie is dating me" so that all residents of Yeonhui-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul could hear.



Last year, Swings released this as a story

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1. Swings has always loved Jennieㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This is just his ideal type, why are the comments so sensitive?

2. Kim Jinwoo for me 

3. Sung Hanbin!!

4. Lee Jehoon for me... No.. Kang Haneul 

5. Me too, BlackPink Jennie 

6. Swings sure is into pretty girlsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. V for me 

8. I can understand him, me too I want to date her. Jennie-yah, unnie will treat you well 

9. Cha Eunwoo for me 

10. It kinda sucks for the person she's dating thoughㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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