"I can't even tell others because it's so embarrassing.
So I'm posting this on Pann.
Am I being too stingy?.. I'm asking for your opinion.

It's been a while since I haven't eaten hamburger so I went to McDonald's with my friend.
There were 3 machines at the kiosk so we ordered and paid for ourselves.

I really like fries so I ordered a large set with a hamburger and my friend ordered a normal set.
When our order came, I was about to eat but my friend suddenly asked me to put our fries together and share.

I got a bit annoyed.
So I said "Ah! I like fries so I purposely ordered a large so I can eat a lot right?"
And my friend got upset and sneered at me saying "aren't you being too stingy with food?ㅋㅋ"
So we ended up not talking and just eating our hamburgers.
While looking at our own phone.."

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1. If one person orders a large, let's just not share...

2. Why is your friend the one deciding to share or not

3. To the kids who are always asking to share, why do you want to share? Stop whining about sharing and just tell us the reason;;

4. Why are you sharing....

5. I've always hated sharing ever since I was a kid but I could never say anything... I don't do it anymore

6. I don't understand why your friend's the one getting upsetㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. You have the right to feel this way, your friend is f*cking selfish

8. They didn't even asked for your permission so why share?;; ridiculous

9. Why would your friend put your fries together without asking?;; This is something that even family members would fight over

10. I only share my fries because I don't like them that much.. I would ask my friends to eat more

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