Blanc & Eclare store in Gangnam, Seoul, is being subjected to enforcement measures due to unpaid rent. 

Recent reports from legal news outlets confirm that the domestic branch of Blanc & Eclare has been unable to fulfill its monthly rental obligations, leading to legal actions by the building owner. This development comes after previous disputes and attempts at reconciliation, ultimately culminating in the closure of the store on May 24.

The troubles for Blanc & Eclare Gangnam store began in December 2021 when Blanc & Eclaire Korea Limited Liability Company was sued by the building owner in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam District, Seoul. The lawsuit was initiated as a result of overdue rental payments.

Blanc & Eclare had signed a lease agreement with an American building owner in September 2020. However, since August 2021, the company has consistently fallen behind on its monthly rent.

Despite attempts at negotiation and a court-mediated settlement proposal in June 2022, which required additional late payment from Blanc & Eclare, the situation remained unresolved. 

After months of legal proceedings, the case concluded in June 2022 with a settlement proposal accepted by A, which included conditions for additional payment. It seemed that Blanc & Eclare had been given an opportunity to rectify the situation.

However, disappointingly, Blanc & Eclare once again failed to fulfill its rental obligations in late 2022. As a consequence, court officials proceeded with enforcement actions on May 24. These measures included the closure of Blanc & Eclare Gangnam store.

Frustrated by Blanc & Eclare’s continued delays in payment, the building owner, identified as A, took the matter to the Seoul Central District Court in December 2021.

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