Group NewJeans member Danielle will be dubbing Ariel, the main character of Disney's live action movie The Little Mermaid, in Korean. It's her first time dubbing, but she's already adding to the controversy surrounding The Little Mermaid. 


Earlier, The Walt Disney Company Korea announced that the Korean dub of "The Little Mermaid" will feature actress Jung Young-joo as Ulsula, a sea witch who wants to rule the sea, and Jung Sang-hoon as Sebastian, a lobster who is the conductor of the royal orchestra. However, the casting for the main character, Ariel, was only revealed in silhouette and an event was announced to guess who the question mark is. The leaked video also revealed some lines from the Korean artist who voices Ariel, and a clip of him singing Ariel's theme song, "Part of Your World," which sparked curiosity.

As it turns out, Danielle was approached by Disney to take on the role of Ariel in Korea, and after much deliberation, she accepted, taking on her first dubbing challenge. Disney reportedly decided that Danielle was the right person to dub Ariel in Korean because she is a dual citizen of Korea and Australia, is fluent in both Korean and English, has been involved in various broadcasting activities and singing since she was a child, and is very popular among the teens and people in their twenties.

However, even before the announcement of Daniell's appointment, there are unexpected headwinds. While Jung Young Joo has been recognized for her outstanding singing and acting skills in musicals such as "Mamma Mia" and "Phantom of the Opera," and Jung Sang-hoon has been praised for his skills in movies, dramas, and musicals, there are already concerns about Danielle. After watching some of the videos of Danielle's voice acting, there are still some people on various community sites expressing doubts about his Korean pronunciation and singing skills.

This seems to be due to the fact that the original argument that dubbing should be left to professional voice actors rather than celebrities has been brought up since the planning of The Little Mermaid. In Korea, the idea of celebrities dubbing anime has been met with resistance from some audiences. In fact, the Japanese anime "Your Name" was dubbed in Korean by actors Ji Chang-wook, Kim So-hyun, and Lee Re when it was released in 2017, but it was met with harsh criticism from anime fans. Following the success of "Suzume's Doorstep," MediaCastle, the importer of "Your Name," decided to re-release the Korean version of "Your Name" in May with professional voice actors.Similarly, many people have expressed their disapproval of Danielle's role as Ariel in "The Little Mermaid" before it has even been released.

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1. Both Disney and ADORE do their job in such a strange way

2. User voice actors instead, I'm begging

3. Dubbing isn't only about acting, it's about pronunciation and vocalization too which are super important...γ… γ… 

4. Her voice acting and pronunciation are both weird....

5. No but shouldn't they at least pick someone who's good at Korean?.. I like Danielle but I don't think that her Korean is dubbing-level good

6. Please use voice actors when they are needed. Why even have voice actors then?

7. Then make 2 versions of this with voice actors too

8. I'm sorry but she's getting hate because she's bad. The companies who ok'ed this should get hate too

9. Please use professional voice actors..

10. Idols who are good like Taeyeon and Seohyun wouldn't have gotten any hate... this girl is just  a rookie and is still young. The company also misjudged her skills. That's why it's a miss γ… γ… 


(T/N: The original video with her dubbing was taken down due to copyright, this is what I found so far.)

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1. They cast her because of the buzz right? I think that The Little Mermaid has enough buzz surrounding it though. Or is Disney trying to sell this to her fans? What a shame

2. Ah what in the world?γ…œγ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

3. Aigo.....

4. Her pronunciation and vocalization are severe

5. Her singing is lacking compared to Halle. Her pronunciation is sh*t too

6. I looked this up and Halle is f*cking good at singing..

7. Ah... NewJeans' Dani is my bias but γ… γ…  this choice was so disappointing γ… γ… γ…  ha....

8. I don't think.... that she's competent enough.... to handle this

9. Her pronunciation is so weird and if feels like she's squeezing her voice out at the end which was kinda funny γ…œγ…œ was she always this bad at singing???

10. HYBE was obvisouly the one who got the deal and Disney made the offer?...

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